School Security (Public/Charter/Private)

Protecting your students, the administration, teachers and other staff as well as school property is our specialty. With over twenty years experience in the industry, we can deliver the best service available. We have extensive knowledge of the school system, education code regulations, the political climate and the stakeholders, and most of all, the children’s emotional and physical need for a safe and tranquil environment where the education can take place.

If needed, we will assist you in formulating your Safe School Plan as mandated by the state. We will also evaluate your school to ensure all appropriate signs are posted around the school, and will conduct a security risk analysis of your location to ensure all safety concerns are properly addressed.

We will only assign security officers who have received the mandated (SB1626) training for school security personnel course, plus child abuse reporting and sexual harassment training. Our officers will be knowledgeable and diligent in fulfilling their duties to maintain a healthy, safe and secure campus environment.

We can provide you with uniformed armed and/or unarmed officers to meet your school’s safety requirements.